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About us

Jump into a universe of modern learning

Spark success and build modern learning skills in the Lingokids app where kids 2-8 years old can explore interactive learning adventures!

  • 1,600+ activities to level-up learning
  • Educational subjects: The Lingokids app has 600+ learning objectives in more than 1,200 activities curated by the Lingokids education team.
  • Modern life skills: From curiosity and creativity to collaboration and communication, explore a wide range of life skills to help kids thrive in today's changing world.
  • Playlearning™. There's learning power in play: Kids learn best when they're fully engaged, so our fun, expertly-designed activities immerse kids, grow their curiosity, and get them excited about the world around them.

Lingokids Plus unlocks more fun, more learning

Discover more interactive, immersive English-language learning adventures in the Lingokids app, voted the #1 Kids Learning App in 2022 and 2023! Try it for free!